WIZARDSKULL Solo Exhibition at Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna Austria 2018
WIZARDSKULL Painter and street artist Wizard Skull’s humorous and often raunchy riffs on cartoon characters and mascots poke fun at pop culture and commercialism. Wizard Skull transforms recognizable characters from Homer Simpson and Mickey Mouse to Gumby and SpongeBob SquarePants into hybrid mashups, squiggly portraits, and obscene portrayals of fetishistic sex acts. Best known for his street art, Wizard Skull creates wheatpaste posters and murals that have become fixtures throughout New York City and elsewhere. One of his most famous wheatpastes —Sexy Ronald (2011–present), which depicts a strapping Ronald McDonald wearing only underwear with French fries popping out from the waistband —went viral on social media, bringing greater attention to his work. Involved with skateboarding culture from a young age, Wizard Skull has designed graphics for skateboard decks and t-shirts and produced illustrations for skateboarding magazines.

2010           Board Art, Slingluff Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2011            Ramp Heads, Slingluff Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2013           WizardSkull, Mishka, Brooklyn NY
2014           Re-Animator, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn NY
2014           Free Donuts, Scumbags & Superstars, Brooklyn NY
2015           Cel Fee, Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn NY
2016           What aBart Bob, Kayrock, Brooklyn NY
2017           Straight Lines, A Shop Called Quest, Los Angeles CA
2017           Five Flavors, Galerie F, Chicago, IL
2018           WizardSkull, Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2019           On My Level, Lazy Susan Gallery, Chinatown, NYC


2007          Untitled, Curated by Cey Adams, Eye Jammie Fine Arts Gallery, NYC
2012           Four Boob Bozwangler, Curated by Cupco, Grass Hut, Portland OR
2014           Surplus Candy, Curated by Hanksy, Abandon House in East Village, NYC
2014           Color Theory, Clutter Gallery, Beacon NY
2015           Bootleg Bart, Curated by Be Street, Los Angeles CA
2015           Paste Modernism 4, Ambush Gallery, Sydney Australia
2015           Tiny Trifecta, The Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn NY
2015           The Newsstand, curated by Lele Saveri, Ocean of Images: New Photography, MOMA, NYC
2016           Red Envelope Show, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn NY
2016           Cartoon, Moosey Art, Norwich, United Kingdom
2016           NEW YORK SHITTY AN OFF-OFF ARMORY SHOW, Con Artist Collective, NY NY
2016           Weekend With Bernie, Wayfars Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2016           Clown, Curated by WizardSkull, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn NY
2016           Rainbow Hugs and Kisses: a Doomsday Celebration, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn NY
2016           Like A Rainbow In The Dark - A Black Lite Show, Flowers For All Occasion, Brooklyn NY
2016           The Peanut Gallery, Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles CA
2016           A Group Show, Arlenes Grocery, New York, NY
2017           Red Envelope Show 2, Grumpy Bert, Brooklyn NY
2019           Pop Up, JC Rivera & WizardSkull, Chicago IL

2014 - 2018          Printed Matter, NY ART BOOK FAIR / Moma PS1, NYC
2014 - 2019           Printed Matter, LA ART BOOK FAIR / Geffen Contemporary, LA CA
2016           Philadelphia Art Book Fair / The Print Center, Philadelphia PA
2017           Toronto Art Book Fair / Toronto ON
2017           4Heads / Governors Island Art Fair, Governors Island, NYC
2019           YoHood, Streetwear festival, Mishka Booth / Shanghai, China
2019           ComplexCon, McCormick Place / Chicago IL
2019           DesignerCon, Beyond Eden, Anaheim Convention Center / Anaheim, CA

2018           StreetArtPassage, Q21 / MusuemsQuartier, Vienna, Austria


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